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What is Canine Scent Detection?

Canine Scent Detection has long been proven and trusted by military and law enforcement agencies. According to research performed by the University of Florida, canines like ours that are certified by the Canine Pest Detection Association (CPDA) average 97% accuracy in the detection of live bed bugs and viable eggs. By comparison, human visual inspections are estimated at only 30-40% accuracy. Canine Scent Detection is a cutting edge approach to the home and commercial bed bug inspection industry, capable of targeting treatments only to infested areas – keeping your costs and exposure to chemicals to a minimum.

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Why Choose Nip It?

Nip It is Northeast Ohio’s premier bed bug scent detection team.

We are a family business nationally recognized for excellence in canine scent detection – a dramatically more effective method of detecting bed bugs, compared with human visual inspection. Our canine handler, Daniel Hernandez, and our Beagle, DJ Jones, are both certified by the Canine Pest Detection Association (CPDA).

Nip It brings more than a decade of experience conducting inspections in homes, large apartment complexes, schools, hotels, universities, hospitals – and even an airplane! We pride ourselves in the most rigorous training, quality standards and protocols. Our award-winning canines compete nationally, consistently achieving top results (DJ Jones most recently won first place among bed bug dogs in a national competition).

Our canine scent detection teams are also graduates of the J&K Training Academy’s training program, whose work has been recognized by The Discovery Channel, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, University of Florida News, and Fox News. 

With hundreds of clients served, Nip It delivers the experience, service and results you can trust.